“Commissioner for a day” is a contest for Italian youngsters who want
to have an impact on the basketball industry through innovative ideas.

Candidates must be Italian passport holders or be residents of Italy when applying. Only those born in the years 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997
or 1998, will be eligible to participate to this year’s contest.

Applicants will submit a project, in English language, in which they will research sports business’ best practices globally, understanding the key factors to their success before presenting their own innovative idea that fits the Italian context.

Candidates’ work has to feature a Business Case meant to add value
to the Italian basketball product in terms of media awareness, fan experience, marketing opportunities, or data-based development.

The selection process will be split into two steps. Organizers will first identify the best works, those selected will then be evaluated
by a committee of three judges.

The work that will present the best balance between innovation and feasibility, will win a trip to the US that will take place in July 2018.

The winner will get access to the basketball industry, getting the chance
to expand his/her knowledge while building a relevant network.



Maurizio Gherardini

General Manager

Fenerbahçe Istanbul

Ettore Messina

Assistant Coach

San Antonio Spurs

Flavio Tranquillo


Sky Sport Italia

The Process

  • Application

    April 3rd - May 10th

  • Evaluation - 1st step

    May 11th - 20th

  • Evaluation - Finalists

    May 21st - 30th

  • Announcement

    May 31st

  • USA Trip

    July 2018 - TBD

Countdown is over!

  • 00 days
  • 00 hours
  • 00 minutes
  • 00 seconds
  • NBA franchises - Out of the ball

    Mattia Zanon
    Mattia Zanon
  • Fan Engagement - Digital

    Diego Scarsini
    Diego Scarsini
  • Lovemark - Marketing & Branding

    Lorenzo Scala
    Lorenzo Scala
  • Storytelling - Media & Broadcasting

    Diego Sbrolla
    Diego Sbrolla
  • The Athletic - Media & Broadcasting

    Cosimo Sarti
    Cosimo Sarti
  • NBA Cares - Marketing & Branding

    Jacopo Sangermano
    Jacopo Sangermano
  • My cause, my cleats - Marketing & Branding

    Cheyenne Lolita Sala
    Cheyenne Lolita Sala
  • Fan Awards - Marketing & Branding

    Gabriele Rossetto
    Gabriele Rossetto
  • Merchandising - Marketing & Branding

    Edoardo Monteleone
    Edoardo Monteleone
  • Grow together - Event Management

    Michele Iannotta
    Michele Iannotta

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