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(Social media, graphic design, photography, photo & video editing, content production)

The global basketball fanbase is extremely active on digital platforms. Nowadays, all sports right holders, organizations and athletes, want to up their social media game, looking for a boost in awareness, publicity and branding.

The digital domain is crowded: graphic designers, photographers, copywriters, content producers, and so on. Around the world, we have the chance to discover hundreds of new ideas on a daily basis, these can fuel inspiration and be adapted to help improve our daily work life.

What do you see out there that stimulates you?


Media & Broadcasting

(Media relations, editorial projects, TV production, OTT, live coverage)

“Athletes are the new media”. Yet a journalists’ role is more crucial than ever. The power of storytelling is taking the media landscape by storm, and you never know where a viral piece of content may come from.

New and exciting outlets are appearing all over the world and spreading on different platforms. Moreover, the content out there is wider than ever: podcasts, longforms, short videos, GIFs, memes.

There is an abundance of media channels, and an incredible variety of ways to help get the message to the audience. Furthermore, it is increasingly important that an audience connect with a live content experience.

Where do you stand?



(Fan engagement, ticketing, food, hospitality, tech integration)

Creating a great event has to be a priority. Focus is increasingly shifting towards the experience you can have at an arena – ensuring fans have a good time, whether their team gets the win or not.

To do so, you need to engage both the hardcore and casual fan, those with a passion for sport and those that are simply starting out. It is a complex task, but technology and innovative ideas can help transform an arena into a second home.

The world is full of successful case studies – which one will you focus on?


Analytics & Big Data

(Advanced statistics, performance analysis, digital analytics)

Athletes, teams, fans generate data at all times. Tracking the interactions between all these constituencies has become vital to make the game and the product more attractive and valuable.

Many organizations have invested in the creation and developments of analytics departments that gather, evaluate and make accessible data making sure that every strategic decision, either on the performance, commercial or talent evaluation side, are backed up by facts.

Which case struck a chord with you? Which lessons have you adapted to your idea?


Marketing & Branding

(Sponsorship, marketing campaigns, brand activations, co-marketing)

From big sportswear companies to rights holders, from athletes themselves to various sponsors, every morning the sun rises to a new activation, a new opportunity, a new way to try to help achieve business objectives.

Opportunities for sponsors to create value through sports are unlimited – and they can do so while enjoying an exciting experience.

Sports has forever been a unique and powerful storytelling tool, one that has helped inspire generations. However, it has also been used to influence a person’s consumers’ choices.

What were you inspired by? How could you inspire others?



If you feel as though there is an area we didn’t mention, that could be beneficial to Italian basketball, or even if your project covers multiple fields of play, dare to think outside the ball and work to refine your idea!

  • NBA franchises - Out of the ball

    Mattia Zanon
    Mattia Zanon
  • Fan Engagement - Digital

    Diego Scarsini
    Diego Scarsini
  • Lovemark - Marketing & Branding

    Lorenzo Scala
    Lorenzo Scala
  • Storytelling - Media & Broadcasting

    Diego Sbrolla
    Diego Sbrolla
  • The Athletic - Media & Broadcasting

    Cosimo Sarti
    Cosimo Sarti
  • NBA Cares - Marketing & Branding

    Jacopo Sangermano
    Jacopo Sangermano
  • My cause, my cleats - Marketing & Branding

    Cheyenne Lolita Sala
    Cheyenne Lolita Sala
  • Fan Awards - Marketing & Branding

    Gabriele Rossetto
    Gabriele Rossetto
  • Merchandising - Marketing & Branding

    Edoardo Monteleone
    Edoardo Monteleone
  • Grow together - Event Management

    Michele Iannotta
    Michele Iannotta

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